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1/10 Buggy Headlight




19mm diameter HeadLight 13mm diameter HeadLight

1/10 Working Buggy Headlights

Want to put more life into your exciting Tamiya 1/10 Buggy?

Here is a set of working headlight!

Headlights: 2 pieces (Color - dark metallic gray)

Clear covers: 2 pieces

LED: 2 harnesses (wire length ~12cm, LED: 3v~6.8v, 18mA)

Connectors: 2 sets (you can choose to connect as individually powered or in series connection)


1. you will need to climp connectors' pins

2. you will need to decide the position of pins (positive & negative)

3. you will need to glue the LED onto the headlights

4. some basic knowledge of electronics is required.

NEVER power the LEDs directly from your battery source.

Power them from any branded LED drivers, for example Tamiya TLU01, or any unit that has the correct current rating.

Power directly from battery source will destroy the LED immediately.

See video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEL4AN1GRFc