A complete plug in Battle System compatible with the Tamiya system -- Plug and play !! System fits all Tamiya Full Option tanks. LED's flashes when a hits occur. Kit includes the system receiver to be mounted in the turret hatch, emitter for shooting the IR beam, all wiring needed for the system and instruction manual. Plugs direct into Tamiya MFU receptacle. This system incorporates infrared light and causes the tank MFU to generate realistic sound. The infrared light is totally harmless and there is no combat damage to your tank. Sound reproduction from the MFU reacting to the receiver has the incoming and impact shell sound, damaged motor sound, graduated loss of speed as you take hits, hit recoil, and the final tank shut down and blast sound as the system receives it's last hit. The Battle Unit has a shooting range of roughly 28 meters (indoors) and 25 meters (outdoors). Outdoors range may varies due to environmental conditions, especially the direct influence of sunlight. Systems are inspected and tested at MITOSAL office before shipping to customer.. FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH TAMIYA MFU

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Impact Battle Unit