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IMPACT Transmission Unit Warranty

All IMPACT Transmission Unit purchased from Mitosal carries a 12month warranty.

Warranty starts 10 calender days after shipped.  

Ship date is defined as the date indicated to Customer's paypal shipping notification.

For verification of purchase, use either paypal Transaction ID or tracking number

Conditions of warranty:

1. Warranty is only valid when it is of quality issues and not of Customers' overly abused reasons.

2. IMPACT TU must be properly lubricated and not be bone dry when using.

3. Customers will need to complete "TU RMA"  form to request for replacement of parts.

4.  Mitosal may request for return of damaged part(s) for IMPACT's evaluation and/or improvement studies.

5. Customers may need to pay for shipping cost if a FREE REPLACEMENT part is approved.

Purchase of IMPACT TU parts, after warranty period:

Customers with valid prove of purchase will be able to purchase any part of IMPACT TU.

Manuals & Information

1. What is a model tank's scale speed

2. Relationship of TU Gear Ratio to scale speed

3. Alignment between pinion and DDG

4. TU installation

5. Particle covers at sprocket final shaft